Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tofino February 22, 2017

When I opened my eyes this morning the first thing I did was check the weather forecast, the times for high and low tides and the sunrise and sunset times.  After all that pertinent information was gathered I put my feet on the floor and began my day.  Once again there would be no storm watching here in Tofino.  This would be a more purposeful day of capturing special seconds in time to make a collection of wonderful west coast beach memories.  Disclaimer:  If you are one of my followers who reads my words from beginning to end then you may need to prepare a snack to have as you settle in for my story.

I enjoyed this morning's initial light of day from the lawn chair on my patio still in pj's yet with fleece over top along with hat and gloves plus a coffee in hand.  

I watched the shades of blue come alive and I was realizing what kind of a day I would be in for.  I snuck off my patio into the trees in my pj's to quickly steal this shot.  

After breakfast and being properly attired I took a longer stroll on my beach to the far end so I could get a full on view of the Lennard Island Lighthouse.

It is a short drive down the road to a long beach called Long Beach.  This beach would take a long time to hike so I went prepared.  I timed my start for when the tide was beginning to head out for the day.

When I looked to my left I could see beach forever.  I admired what was right in front of me first then began my beach comb.  There was driftwood galore of all sizes.  Seashells were plentiful.  Sand is firm for easy walking.  The beiges, the blues, are all beautiful.  There was so much to take in, too much for one set of eyes.

The waves lightly crashing made this a very peaceful place.  As I said I could see beach forever plus this was too much for one set of eyes, and I had a long way to go on Long Beach.  I took time to think of three special people in my life.  The beach means much to each of these maritime ladies for very individual reasons.  In spirit, I had them with me each step of the way along this piece of paradise.  



It was a unique experience to be on a summery time like beach and be able to capture winter like frostiness.

I see something here!  Do you?  One couple I chatted with saw Stonehedge.  I see pillars, tightly together, strongly supporting each other, as if they were life long friends and a soul sister.  

I reached the far end eventually, then made my way back.  I kept looking back as the lighting was amazing.  I also wanted to get last glimpses to take away.  

I reached my vehicle then drove off to another beach that had lots to offer.  Chesterman Beach was in the opposite direction yet only a mere few minutes from Long Beach, so not a long drive.

When the tide is low you can stroll all the way out to Frank Island which I did.  Parts of this tiny rocky Island are off limits where there is a private residence. 

I walked around the back side of Frank Island to where I had a view of my home away from home.  It was time to head back there so I could set up for sunset.

By the time I arrived back at my home away from home there were no puffy fluffy nor wispy clouds in the sky.  I wondered what kind of sunset there would be!  Sunset seekers lined the beach and we all waited.  Then it happened, a truly beautiful sight!

Now it was time for dinner & wine, then to put my feet up by the flickering candle light.  I turned to head to my suite and it just never ends, another special second in time.

This was a most magical day!   In my first post about this place, I shared that a friend said there is something about Tofino but she could not put her finger on it. Maybe it's a spiritual thing she said.  I thought I would have figured this thing out by now, but no luck.  This place has captured my spirit and my heart!

                        Thank you Ann, Marion, Mary for your friendships.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tofino February 21, 2017

I woke very early this morning excited for what the day may have in store for me.  I had a plan that would fill my hours from sunrise to sunset.  Once all the inside business was taken care off it was time to head out the patio door to walk my beach as the morning became light.  

Feeling invigorated from the fresh air after my walk, I packed my essentials and drove to Ucluelet to hike along the Wild Pacific Trail.  Once again, the forecast was for unusual weather for here for this time of year so I left all my rain gear including my rubber boots back at the suite.  Along this route views of Barclay Sound and the Pacific Ocean were offered up.

You have to know if there is a lighthouse I can get to then I will get to it.  This is the Amphitrite Lighthouse.  The tide pools added to the setting.

The tide had already been high a few hours prior.  It was on its way out which meant Wickaninnish Beach would be open to stroll until my heart was content. The seashells and drift wood were plentiful and very distracting as I meandered along.  The sky had those wispy clouds that I love so much.  On top of that the gentle roll of the waves and the sounds they created drew me in to where I felt like I was at home.

Boy I love this part of our country.  While I love the mountains, more and more my roots are battling for a bigger share of love.  I drove back to my home away from home, had a glass of The Beachhouse, a nap, then aimed for a rocky hike out and up to Pettinger Point.  

By now the tide was as low as it would be and that afforded the opportunity to walk out quite far.  No rubber boots for this stroll and I learned my lesson to watch the waves.

Before savouring the pairing of my salmon dinner and another glass of The Beachhouse, I took in the sunset from different vantage points along my beach.  The sun setting while the tide is low makes for a other type of great pairing.

With all the outside business taken care of today, it was time to head inside my patio door and go about the evening.  I thought about today and yesterday and the weather we have been experiencing.  It's certainly not storm watching weather.  Along my walks and photo taking, I chatted with many people who came to Tofino to storm watch.  No one is disappointed the weather is anything but and that would be my sentiment too.  Thank you for this most amazing day!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Tofino February 20, 2017

For a few years I had in the back of my mind that I want to invest time sightseeing around Tofino on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  The time came to make that happen and here I am!  I picked now because it is "storm watching" season and it would be on the quieter side.  After just a 98 minute flight, then a three hour fun and pretty drive (including a stop for groceries) I landed on my door step a few feet away from the beach.  The places I have been to recently make me feel like I am in paradise!  Check mark, I just added Tofino to that list!

                                  My home away from home is on the far left.  
I bought knee high rubber boots so I could be out slopping around in the rain and for beach combing.  The tide had just prior reached low and was beginning its' journey inward once again.  So it was suffice to say I would be OK to venture out a bit.  

I would be thrilled to find some beach glass but only paid attention to what was clearly visible.  The sand dollars are gigantic and the other shells are colorful.   I didn't quite pay attention to what I should have though.  With my back to the ocean while I photographed towards my home away from home, a wave came in up over my boots.  My blue boots filled with water and my blue jeans were soaked up to the crotch.  UGH!  I love beach life!  I carried on strolling the beach then ventured off over to the rocky point.

After a visit part way out on the rocky outcrop, I then headed  back to my suite to get into dry cloths.  I was introduced to "The Beach House" when I was at the beach last September on the east coast in Nova Scotia and thought how fitting to savour it now while I am on the west coast.  
Feeling very happy and content I stepped out my patio door to watch the sun set.  The waves waved, the paddle-boarder boarded, and the sun set.  While I came to Tofino prepared to storm watch, today turned out being like an extraordinary gift.  

A friend told me there is something about Tofino but she could not put her finger on it, or describe it in words, she said maybe it is a spiritual place!  I don't know either right now but there is something about this place.